What’s an SSL Certificate and Why Is It Important for Websites?


An SSL certificate is mandatory for all legitimate websites. Whether you own a personal or an eCommerce website, you should install an SSL certificate for your website. Here you will learn what exactly is an SSL certificate and why installing it is important for your website.

SSL Certificate: What Is It?       

SSL is an abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer that was created by Netscape in 1995. It is an encryption technology that establishes a secure connection between the web browser of the user and the website server.

The word ‘https’ along with a small green icon appears next to the URL of a website having an SSL certificate. Here are the top four reasons why you should purchase an SSL certificate for your website.


An SSL certificate is important to gain the trust of online visitors. Website browsers flag websites that don’t have the certificate as suspicious. They give a warning to users that the site may not be secure. As a result, your site will not attract large numbers of online visitors. A Google survey found that 64 percent of shoppers consider SSL certificates as important for carrying out online transactions.


Sites with an SSL certificate establish an encrypted connection. This ensures the security of website visitor’s confidential information such as credit card, bank account, and other data.


SSL certificates are also used to authenticate a website. They are used to verify that the right website receives the information.


SSL certificate is important for eCommerce websites. An SSL certificate is a requirement for compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules. Moreover, it is important for banking websites to meet the audit requirements.

An SSL certificate represents an added cost of owning a website. But the benefits make the investment well worth it. Either a Managed SSL certificate, or an unmanaged SSL certificate will help protect your customers and your online reputation.  

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