Affiliate Program Manager

If you know how to maintain and grow existing affiliate relationships, locate new affiliates and advertisers, and analyze data… or; If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer looking for a change that can help us do that, then we want YOU to join our expanding team and be looking to learn and grow within our company. We seek an individual who is self-motivated and a skilled collaborator with a positive outlook, who is eager to support our new affiliate program, and both share and apply their knowledge as they are learning. Passion for digital marketing and the advertising industry is important. Our online affiliate marketing program manager is to be responsible for effectively managing our new online affiliate marketing program for our organization.

Job description and duties ( may ) include:

You will build and develop our new affiliate program; oversee and take an active role in affiliate recruitment, and deliver strong business results by preparing detailed reports about the online affiliate program for internal use, as well as creating a forecast that includes projected sales and affiliate results, and communicate affiliate program progress to our organization, and affiliates. As the program grows; you will conduct research and create new programs, as well as manage any existing campaigns with an eye on increasing company profits and both customer, and affiliate  loyalty. Develop affiliate marketing strategies in accordance with company goals, create and oversee plan for execution; understand financial implications of account strategies, and participate in modifications to marketing campaigns as needed. You will provide promotional support to the affiliate marketing program, and it’s affiliates, help them to execute their online marketing programs using a variety of marketing and outlet channels, actively develop and participate in training, and help integrate innovative online affiliate technologies for use. Support affiliates in building marketing strategies and develop communication materials for the affiliate marketing partners. You will act as a liaison with any outside affiliate agencies who enroll, and manage relationship with those affiliate agency partners.

Minimum Job Requirements:

All candidates should have at least a high school diploma, and English language fluency. The ideal candidate will have three to five years of relevant work experience in digital affiliate marketing, or other relevant base of experience with the basics of affiliate marketing, and either be current working toward a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field; or possess an existing bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. Candidates must have excellent communication skills to effectively convey concepts and marketing initiatives across the company, and to affiliates. You should also possess strong analytical and multitasking skills as you may need to work in a fast-paced environment as the program grows. Additionally; the candidate should be prepared to maintain a steady learning curve toward the knowledge and skill set of advanced roles, and stay up to date in relevant industry certifications ( as / if needed ). Must have good sense of humor, professionalism and personable attitude.


The Affiliate Manager is predominently a remote / work from home position; a structure central to our culture and and our vision to change the work -vs- life paradigm, where possible. You will be hired probationally, for a 3 month period, while your skills / talents / abilities, are proven… during which time; your compensation will be tied to the revenue the program generates. Upon succesfully completing your probation; a full time position, and negotiated salary and / or commission package, will be offered.



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September 30, 2016