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SaaS and Security Software products that keep you safe and working !

Virtualization has become the new internet frontier. The virtualization of formerly stand alone software is the entry level to this arena, and is now commonly available in a wide range of products and services, as “Software as a Service” {SaaS}. Security is still an issue even in this day and age… more and more, you need to protect your systems and data… our suite of select security products will help keep you safe.

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Software Products

Avast Endpoint Protection

Avast EndPoint Protection delivers easily managed on-premise business security solutions for both workstations and servers…

Avast Internet Security

Avast Internet Security is Intelligent threat-protection for an unpredictable world… both antivirus and antimalware tools are included.

Avast File Server Security

Need protection for your file servers? Avast File Server Security is a heavy-duty antivirus that allows unlimited connections and includes SharePoint support.

Avast Email Server Security

Don’t let anyone compromise your business. With Avast eMail Server Security; you can cover an unlimited number of mailboxes hosted on your email servers with an antivirus with built-in anti-spam.

Hosted SharePoint

With Hosted SharePoint, teams can collectively author and revise documents with ease. Built-in integration with MS Office and comprehensive out-of-the-box components reduces development costs, while the platform overall improves the productivity and efficiency of all employees. Work as a Team !

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite

Avast EndPoint Protection Suite is Antivirus for PCs & servers… Combined.

Avast Endpoint Protection Plus

Avast EndPoint Protection Plus is Complete security for corporate computers. With Avast Endpoint Protection Plus, you can prevent hackers from seeing your network devices. Additionally, Avast will secure your devices even when you’re not on your business network.

Hosted Exchange

The World’s Leading Email & Collaboration Platform… Microsoft Exchange is by far the most popular enterprise email and collaboration platform, used by millions worldwide for Email, Calendars, Contacts, Task Management and more.

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus

Avast EndPoint Protection Suite Plus is All-round security for PCs & servers… Protect your computers and your file & email servers all at once. With SharePoint and Exchange integration, this is a no-brainer for companies demanding versatile security.

Hosted Zimbra

Our new “Zimbra Cloud” offering is laser targeted for the budgets and productivity needs of business today. Zimbra Cloud delivers more bang for your buck than Office 365, Google Apps, and other competitors.