Remote Monitoring and Management

IT pros the world over wouldn’t be caught dead without network management software because it takes so much of the manual burden off managing servers and Workstations, and other critical applications. Network management is required to to enhance the up-time of devices. Based on the network, management plans may vary. Yet the bottom line is that proper management software will guarantee the security and stability of devices throughout its lifespan. Our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance solution provides powerful maintenance and management capabilities. Proactive maintenance includes the management and deployment of Windows updates, defragmentation of hard drives, antivirus definition updates and many other tasks. We’ll handle your software and security patch updates, and connectivity trouble tickets, and make sure you have the lowest down times we can muster… all in real time – directly from our cloud based infrastructure. If you have an existing office network, and are not yet ready to move entirely into cloud services yet… we can manage your existing network, and infrastructure, as a monthly service.

This is remote, proactive monitoring of computer and network health. Some tools use agent technology, which allows for the direct management of applications running on a computer. Remote agents can connect without VPNs, firewall issues or router configurations, and can perform tasks for their clients even while offline. This powerful technology enables technicians to fix problems without logging directly into the affected machine. Problems can be resolved remotely from the agent and console, even while a client is still using a computer or server. For example, if a server’s performance begins to act unstable, a technician can log in to determine what the problem is. It can be done quickly and remotely—without affecting the client’s productivity. Since technicians do not need to log directly into an affected workstation, agent-based solutions also provide protection and flexibility for companies who utilize laptops and have a mobile workforce. Agents work as monitors and network probes so you can easily discover all devices on the network. The solution detects issues, reports them to us, and allows our technicians to resolve those issues from our NOC remote location.


Mobile Device Management

Our mobile device management (MDM) solution is the fastest, most comprehensive way to get devices configured for company access and to ensure that your organization’s data is secure on smartphones and tablets.

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