SLA-Maintenance Subscription

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Our SLAM (Service Level Agreement Maintenance) subscriptions allow site owners to more efficiently, and economically maintain their web and web site real estate property. They are contracted by the hour, on a monthly basis, and conversely; if you go beyond your monthly allotment: you will be billed ! These subscriptions cover services above and beyond our FREE tech support ! Custom contracts can be configured if you need more services than what is currently offered in these packages… just contact us to open a dialogue ! Our SLA-Maintenance Subscriptions allow you to focus on more proactive activities in your business day, and therefore; save money spent as time chasing updates and maintenance tasks in your CMS.

Our SLAM Subscription affords you prepaid monthly maintenance time. If you feel you need a specialty quantity of monthly hours; pick a package level and use the quantity field to create multiples of hours. Consequently; if you use more time than your plan hour(s) in a given month; you will be billed.

Currently; a summary of the items covered include:

  • Consultation time by email and phone
  • Change orders (…never covered under tech support…)
  • Content curation (differs from content creation)
  • CMS maintenance / upgrades

1 Hour

2 Hours

3 Hours

4 Hours

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