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Our Regular Dual Targeted Visitor Traffic is traffic that can be both category (niche) targeted and (country) geo-targeted ! Choosing your desired kind of traffic is quite easy, as we have segregated our visitors into different useful categories such as countries and even popular market niches, ensuring that you will only get the best high quality targeted website traffic imaginable. Our Regular Dual Targeted Traffic will zero in on your audiences in more than 50 countries and 300+ different niche categories. You can buy traffic specific to your products or services and even by specific country! This way, you only receive targeted visitors that will convert best on your website.

Traffic is sold by the thousands (1,000 = 1.0), and campaigns last for 30 days… Choose the country and niche you would like to receive visitors from, and fill in the choices at check-out. You must also tell us the URL that you want the traffic sent to at check-out ! Also; please review our current traffic policies prior to ordering !
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