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Mature traffic or Adult dual targeted traffic is geared towards sites that fall into the realm of ‘If you don’t want your kids seeing it, it goes here’. These are adult targeted visitors that have chosen to see an adult related website. This is good for introducing an adult related product or service to your customers in order to generate sales or registrations. If you have a site that you would like to target to only Adult related Customers, this is the package for you.

Traffic is sold by the thousands (1,000 = 1.0), and campaigns last for 30 days… Choose the country and niche you would like to receive visitors from, and fill in the choices at check-out. You must also tell us the URL that you want the traffic sent to at check-out ! Also; please review our current traffic policies prior to ordering !

While we generally welcome Adult orders of any kind please note that we will not accept the following into our adult network:

  • Orders that contain auto-play on load multimedia (audio / video).
  • Orders that contain frame breakers.
  • Orders that contain a java exit pop / exit loop (except worldwide).
  • Orders that depict underage persons or any other type of illegal content.

Please note that each country has its’ own laws governing pornographic material. Because of this; geo-targeting may be limited to exclude certain countries and / or regions. Since we do not study international laws as a rule of thumb; and countries change laws at their own convenience: if your order becomes subject to such new regulation – we will inform you at the earliest convenience as we find out. Choosing your desired kind of traffic is quite easy, as we have segregated our visitors into different useful categories such as countries and even popular market niches, ensuring that you will only get the best high quality targeted website traffic imaginable. Our Targeted Traffic will zero in on your audiences in more than 50 countries and 300+ different niche categories. You can buy traffic specific to your products or services and even by specific country! This way, you only receive targeted visitors that will convert best on your website.

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