Avast Premier

Avast Premier is complete, top-of-the-line security and the best Avast has to offer — made faster and more powerful with Nitro in the engine. Avast Premier’s Nitro Update improves your home network scanning, offers automatic software updates, stops redirects to fake websites, safely shreds data, and features the world’s most secure browser®, so you can shop, browse, or bank safe from hackers and online ads. It’s the ultimate protection, from the most-trusted security provider in the world. With nothing to fear, there’s no holding you back.

Avast Premier is the antivirus of choice for 230 million users around the world, because we find malware fast and respond even faster — no matter where it starts. By combining massive data engines running AI software with some of the smartest virus spotters in the world, we constantly double – and triple – check the latest threats to keep you safe.

Avast Premier Feature Set

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