Hosted Zimbra

Software as a Service

Our Hosted Zimbra service is an enterprise class collaboration suite that allows complete contact, calendar, and email management through a variety of software clients or through a feature rich web browser based interface as well as a seamless connection through Microsoft Outlook. Initial purchase provides 30 Gb of platform space… upgrades of space and service add ons are available.

The Zimbra Cloud productivity platform offers enterprise-level features at, by far, the industry’s lowest price point… Zimbra currently has more than 60 million paid mailboxes, making it one of the fastest growing email and productivity platforms in the world. Our new “Zimbra Cloud” offering is laser targeted for the budgets and productivity needs of business today. Zimbra Cloud delivers more bang for your buck than Office 365, Google Apps, and other competitors. Zimbra Cloud is below the per user price point of other alternative productivity platforms on the market today. And there are added benefits. The World Wide Web Site Store has packaged Zimbra Cloud with add-on features like NotifySync, Global Relay Archiving, Secure Messaging and inbound / outbound TLS support. This provides you with important additional capabilities to help meet the increasing IT compliancy requirements of today’s markets.

Zimbra Benefits:
Freedom of Client Choice
Browser – Zimbra Ajax client
PC Client – Outlook (Online, Offline, Cached Mode), Apple Mail and iCal, Eudora, Evolution, Thunderbird/Sunbird, RSS, etc.
Mobile – Wireless devices “over the air” synchronization: Blackberry (via partner solutions), Palm, Nokia, Motorola, Good, PocketPC, etc.
Self-Organizing Mailboxes
Powerful, fast search (including messages and attachments)
Saved searches across folders
Conversation views across folders
Comprehensive Calendaring
Group scheduling with free/busy management and controls
Multiple calendars per user
Calendar delegation and sharing
Multi-calendar views
Subscribe to external calendars in .ics format
Extensible model for linking message content to external web services and applications (expressed via hover-over and/or click)
Intranet – ERP, CRM, Support, Finance, HR, VoIP phone, etc.
Internet – Google/Yahoo Maps, Skype, Travel, Package Tracking, etc.
Efficient context switching
Quickly view/create calendar appointments while in mail
Quickly create/edit contacts while in mail
Quickly view sender’s web site while in mail
Any Place, Any Machine
Rich, zero footprint, AJAX-based end-user interface (cross browser/OS)
Secure, read-only access to attachments without special-purpose client software
Modern collaboration styles/formats
RSS/ATOM feeds

All accounts start with 30 Gb storage; upgrades are available.


This is a monthly subscription product; and is sold per seat / user… Select the number of users for the quantity in the cart. Our full service products launch on a cyclical scheduled basis twice per month; on the 1st and 15th day of the month. Payments are organized one month ahead of time.

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