Hosted SharePoint

Software as a Service

The #1 Technology For Organizational Teamwork… Hosted SharePoint provides a centralized workspace for teams to stay connected and productive by providing easy access to the people, documents, and information they need. It allows for managing of intranet portals, extranets and websites, document management and file management, collaboration spaces and more. With Hosted SharePoint, teams can collectively author and revise documents with ease.

Hosted SharePoint also cuts costs by consolidating multiple product investments in a single infrastructure, reducing overall infrastructure, training and support costs. Built-in integration with MS Office and comprehensive out-of-the-box components reduces development costs, while the platform overall improves the productivity and efficiency of all employees. Work as a Team! Do you have several versions of proposal templates amongst your team? Do you wonder if your sales representatives have the latest sales brochures and material? Are you unable to work on a document because you left it on the office computer? SharePoint is a perfect answer allowing you to access and share your documents from anywhere using a web browser! Finally…teamwork made easy.

All Accounts start with 500 Mb storage; upgrades are available, as needed.

This is a monthly subscription product; and is sold per seat / user… Select the number of users as the quantity. Our full service products launch on a cyclical scheduled basis twice per month; on the 1st and 15th day of the month. Payments are organized one month ahead of time.

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