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The World’s Leading Email & Collaboration Platform… Microsoft Exchange is by far the most popular enterprise email and collaboration platform, used by millions worldwide for Email, Calendars, Contacts, Task Management and more. Users collaborate using Microsoft Outlook, the industry standard for email clients. Get business email and increase productivity, while keeping your organization safe. Work smarter, anywhere, with hosted email for business.

Microsoft Exchange is an email server that is used by over 50% of businesses in the United States. The reason for its popularity is that Exchange is very scalable, secure, reliable, and functional. Exchange allows your employees to collaborate as a team and share contacts, calendars, email, tasks and notes. Additionally, Exchange allows you to use as many computers as you would like…and the information in Outlook is the same on every one! Our hosted Exchange service allows you to plug in different methods of mobile access to retrieve your information from your mobile device. Access your information everywhere, anytime, any way you like. With our Hosted Exchange service; your staff can utilize different methods of on-the-go access to retrieve your stored information from their mobile device – anytime, anywhere. Exchange Benefits; here are just a select few:

  • Sharing Contacts with coworkers
  • Sharing Calendars with coworkers
  • Assigning Tasks with coworkers
  • Share Email with coworkers
  • All of your data is synchronized on several computers at different locations.
  • All of your data can be synchronized with your mobile phone!
  • If your hard drive crashes, you are able to re-download all of your Outlook data back to your new computer!
  • Out of Office auto replies

Our hosted Software as a Service offering allows you to add many other services and features to enhance your hosted Microsoft Exchange service; for example:

  • GoodLink service for your mobile devices.
  • BlackBerry service for your BlackBerry devices.
  • Server based Disclaimer Signature for every mailbox.
  • SharePoint as a company intranet.
  • Secure messaging that helps your organization with compliance.
  • Email Archiving that helps your organization with compliance.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated into Outlook.

AND SO MUCH MORE can be done…

All accounts start with 25 Gb Storage. Upgrades are available; as needed.

This is a monthly subscription product; and is sold per seat / user… Select the number of users as the quantity for the cart. Our full service products launch on a cyclical scheduled basis twice per month; on the 1st and 15th day of the month. Payments are organized one month ahead of time.

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