Server Maintenance


Our server maintenance program employs software agents to track and analyze your network activity 24/7. When a system or function fails, an alert is generated for our team to immediately investigate. Once the problem is identified, we work to remedy it — remotely at first, and with additional resources as, or if, needed. Our proactive server maintenance includes the management and deployment of Windows updates, defragmentation of hard drives, antivirus definition updates and many other tasks. We’ll handle your software and security patch updates, and connectivity trouble tickets, and make sure you have the lowest down times we can muster… all in real time – directly from our cloud based infrastructure.

Server Maintenance Feature Set

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Managed Server Care
This is a monthly subscription product... we bill one month ahead. After we receive the return of your profile / questionnaire; we'll schedule the start of your project, and then send you a subscription service invoice for your ongoing services. We generally look to start new projects on the first or fifteenth of the month. Charges are per user / device / seat... select the quantity below.
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