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Desktop as a Service {DaaS} provides a useful solution that can bring greater flexibility, ease of administration and cost savings to individuals and organizations. The end result of this infrastructure is that users can access their data and all their applications from nearly any device, anywhere. It also provides increased data security, easier platform migration, improved disaster recovery, and new desktop provisioning in minutes instead of hours. DaaS also has the ability to help alleviate compliance issues and yield cost reductions for many organizations.

DeskTop as a Service (DaaS) is typically best for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It most certainly makes sense for companies on the smaller end of the spectrum that require quality IT services but lack the need and / or finances for a full-time systems administrator, and all the related hardware. Some companies will see significant savings, particularly in a BYOD scenario.

You want to provide applications, content, and data anytime, anywhere, on any device. You also want to simplify desktop operations, improve security, manage costs, and help the business. Desktop virtualization provides a high-quality user experience while managing security and total cost of ownership. Desktop as a service (DaaS) allows you to enjoy the many benefits of desktop virtualization without having to acquire, build, and manage your own infrastructure.

DaaS benefits your whole organization:

  • For employees, DaaS provides a high-quality experience on any device
  • For IT staff, DaaS is scalable, simple to deploy, and highly secure
  • For your organization, DaaS improves agility and productivity, and lowers costs

Join 1,000’s of business who have moved their Windows networks to the cloud. HIPAA, SOC 1 – 3, FIPS, FedRAMP, and FINRA compliant. Protect your data with the industry’s leading hosted desktop platform. Moving to the cloud is the safest, most reliable IT service available today. Don’t take chances with on premise networks. No licensing to purchase or track. No hardware to buy or upgrade. No long term contracts. 

With our Cloud DaaS WorkSpaces, you pay only for the DeskTops you need and have us launch. There is no up-front commitment and you can have us remove DeskTops at any time. DeskTops are billed on a monthly basis. The monthly fee for all DeskTops includes both the infrastructure (compute power, storage, bandwidth for streaming your access) and the software applications.

DeskTop as a Service
This is a monthly subscription product... we bill one month ahead. After we receive the return of your profile / questionnaire; we'll schedule the start of your project, and then send you a subscription service invoice for your ongoing services. We generally look to start new projects on the first or fifteenth of the month. Charges are per user / device / seat... select the quantity below.
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