Affiliate marketing is good for both businesses and people wanting to make a little (or lot of) extra money. What they get is a crowd of people making sure they get seen. What you get is a piece of the action. Sometimes it’s pennies and sometimes — if you work it — it’s hardly chump change. And the potential is even better when you use some form of network marketing because the income stream is more or less passive after you’ve done the work.

A tiered affiliate model is an affiliate program structure whereby affiliates earn commissions on their conversions as well as conversions of others that they refer to the program… So with a two-tier affiliate tracking system, not only are you rewarded for sending direct sales to our web site, but you also get rewarded for encouraging other affiliates to join our affiliate program.

Our affiliate program commission is a generous 7.5% of all sales, and you can build a network of referral affiliates for extra, ongoing rewards. Your 2nd tier down-line commissions are an additional 2.50 % that can grow the total earned because there is no limit to the number of your down line referrals !