Some of us on staff have been affiliates before (in another life), and when we put our heads together; we decided to not “dictate” what content goes on YOUR site… We believe you’ve worked hard to properly SEO optimize your site, and thereby drive traffic to it – so – why should we “dictate” additional content (text or graphics) that MUST be added into your content, in order for you to participate in our program, and thereby force your hand to possibly have to either re-optimize your site, or shuffle content to fit what we mandated.

Therefore; we provide what are listed as “text” links that you can use inside your existing content (text or graphics),which only contain the minimum “basic” linking code necessary for your participation in our program. Also; you can create your own links with our custom link creation tool – so that you can create your own text or graphic links as YOU see fit. Of course – you can then create new specific content just for our products along side your existing content too.

We believe that this idea allows for the greatest level of flexibility for your participation in our program !